Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

I know that I get much pleasure from the small things, especially looking at the fire or feeling the texture of our wallpaper at home that I chose and put up (OK I don't walk around feeling it, just touch it if I am looking out the window or something - I can't dress this up can I? it just sounds bonkers). Buying bits of furniture and fixing them up, polishing my brass animal collection and many other mundane things.

Just as a side note and before you think someone will find me eaten by my own dogs :)  I can be practical: I built this house with my ex-husband but he left half-way through so I learned to frame, put in nogs, plaster board, put down undertile heating, put in old floor boards and so much stuff I really could have easily gone my whole life happily never doing.  I know how to use every power tool on the market and was scared of the Skill-saw (Circular Saw) for about 3 years but have been forced to add that to the list of tools I have mastered.  Angle grinders cut tiles as well as roofing iron, the router is a shit to get right, I have no table saw so learned to use a level and clamps to get a perfect straight edge.

There are still many things that need finishing, but the best thing about all of this is I can choose which area of the "house decorating" or "house building" I want to do next.  Having a couple of projects on the go at once lets me decide if I don't feel like sanding the dumb deck.  It also stops me from getting overwhelmed - lots of lists with many things on it so the smallest of stuff gets crossed off.

What I am trying to say is:  1.  all of us can do absolutely anything in life if we want, have to, need to, etc.  I get so many people say to me they could never do it - but they absolutely could.    and 2. It may make me sound slight less crazy about the next bit :)
All Alone

There are many silly things I collect (it's not junk if it looks nice) some of which are downright ugly.  I love china ducks but I am telling you I have looked for years in NZ for a set and this guy is the best I can find.  I really want three so bad!

For everyone who has a beautiful beige, black or white
interior home with lots of glass - you will hate this :)

Plates - 

The Good
Hiding in the pantry shelf

The Bad
The Ugly
So you must be DYING to know how to hang them! right? No way am I hanging the wombat......well, maybe one day.

Paperclip + Hot Glue

The Result!
PS I put the shelves in using Mahogany decking and the cupboard is on old smashed cabinet which I sawed in half with the circular saw as the cupboard on the end was still intact - then hung it on the wall.

M xx


  1. I had the coolest collection of plates but off to auction when we sold out to live on the road. Oh yours..giggled with the geese. Congrats on homebuilding skills been there, done that. Quite the achievement. Adame

    1. Thanks so much x
      The Geese are particularly funny - it is a mix of beauty and grotesque with plates!
      M xx

  2. I'm so impressed with anyone who is handy with home building tools. My dad is handy that way. Neither my hubby nor I am. We hire out. I don't think I will take the time to learn but how wonderful you can do all that!!

  3. How great is the hot glue and a paperclip. Im all about anything involving the glue gun. x

    1. It took me a long time to embrace the hot glue gun without feeling like I was cheating - now it is a necessity :)

  4. Wow! I'm very impressed, especially the paperclip and glue tip. Not drinking has put you into a whole new league with determination, great for you!!

  5. Wow!!
    You are so talented, Michelle!
    I am super impressed!
    I love collecting animals, too, and I just bought a flying pig for my garden!
    You rock!!

    1. OK - you want to talk garden, I should photograph the painted metal creatures that exist in mine - but as with the plates it is a fine line between beauty and downright bad taste!
      Please email me a picture of your pig! xxxx


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