Friday, 5 May 2017

6 Months Tomorrow

My neighbour just gave me this :)

Very touched to have caring people around me, she said I can have a box of chocolates when I get to a year.  It's funny how people understand a lot more than perhaps we imagine ...

Michelle x


  1. Thats lovely, how nice of your neighbour! I love peppermint chocolate. Congratulations on 6 months!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I realise how lucky I am amid all of this :)

  3. Yay!!
    6 months now!!
    Big Hugs!!

  4. Congratulations! A wonderful accomplishment, be proud, very proud!

  5. Just caught into your blog...I'm just turning 12 days and cant stop reading your posts! Your words speak volumns to me and while in the early stages, so, so helpful. Thank you and congrats on six months. I'm going to make me a nasty list today. Loved the one drink vs a whole bottle. None is our hope and right way to go! CJ

    1. Hi CJ
      I am going to read this blog again this weekend. I am now feeling strong enough to go and look at it!
      Every bit of it is exactly how I felt on those days, I remember day one like it was yesterday, completely horrified at what I had become and deep down believed I couldn't give up.

      Hardest thing I have ever done. Best thing I have ever done.
      I have my kids back, it effects the older ones (mine 22 now 23 years) and the younger ones (mine 10 and 11, now 11 and 12 years).

      Keep talking CJ - right here with you xx


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