Saturday, 1 April 2017

Smart Recovery

Hi Everyone

Winter is coming here (and summer for many out there)  Both seasons are a time to drink when the habit overtakes the enjoyment.

I wanted to post this as it is a great article that I read a while ago.

Sometimes we don't have to hit rock bottom to know we have a problem :)

Michelle xx


  1. Thank you for posting this! Spring has just sprung here and the weather is beautiful. I am 8-1/2 weeks sober and just this last week had an interesting craving for a Chardonnay on the front patio. The trigger was a combination of unusual unexpected personal and family stress, a feeling of accomplishment from a successful work meeting calling for a celebration, and the change in the weather patterns with a gorgeous sunny day. These were the mixed life events that led to the most drinking last year. Fortunately, the craving passed quickly and I sat out on the porch with my new favorite obsession which is a chai tea latte �� And thought about how much better my life has been without alcohol. I love the article you posted. Everything about it resonates with me. My skin is so much better, all of my relationships are better, my work and life productivity has improved and I am focused on new hobbies and adventures that I didn't have time for before because of drinking - running again, reading more, taking up abstract art and painting, gardening, paleo cooking and baking (I've given up sugar too!) and more quality time with my fam. Hope you are well!

  2. Juno! You sound so grounded and reading this is wonderful.

    I too love chai lattes, we used to all drink them in the Byron Bay days but am a bit spoilt because friends used to do it from scratch, whith the tea, cinnamon, and all the bits - then boil it up and it was wonderful.

    You know what? I am going to go out and buy some today. Which brand do you use and do you use a bag or ...

    Great to hear you are well at 8.5 weeks WELL DONE xxx

    1. I would love to be able to do that from scratch! Except I'm lazy ๐Ÿ˜Š I discovered the Tazo brand that has a Chai latte and a Vanilla Caramel latte which are both great. I actually like mine cold so I add an equal amount of coconut milk. Sometimes I make it into a smoothie by putting in a blender with some mango chunks, banana, crushed ice and Greek yogurt. It is such a treat!

    2. Oh, and it's the boxed version. No leaves or bags.

    3. I'm going to try this - we don't have that brand here but will see if I can find something similar :)

  3. I agree that if we can get motivated to quit, we don't have to hit a horrible bottom.
    I was able to quit this time because I got lots of support, and I could see into the future.
    I didn't want to have a DUI, or get divorced, or any other of the worse things that could have happened.
    So happy I do not drink today!

  4. Absolutely - we don't need to hit a classic rock bottom! I've experienced enough rock bottoms vicariously to not want to go there myself.

  5. Boat and beach weather is coming up and both are my favorite places to drink. Not this year! Nope!

  6. Go guys! Easter this week and I am lucky enough to not feeling the pull of alcohol lately at all :)
    M xx


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