Sunday, 31 December 2017

James Wong - and the FACTS of alcohol ??

Hi guys - just three weeks away from my recruit firefighter 7-day course (terrified) but I have muscles I never thought I would ever have :)

Anyway, my mum gave me another damn recipe book for Christmas (ungrateful I know) - anyway it is by James Wong. How to Eat Better

Page 214 "Booze.
In one of the most comprehensive reviews ever, published in The British Medical Journal, researchers sifted through thousands of trials conducted over 50 years and selected the very best quality studies, covering over a million participants.  When they crunched the numbers, they found a consistent pattern emerging, showing that people who tended to have 1-2 alcoholic drinks a day also happened to have a 25 per cent reduced risk of heart disease....

So that's a quarter less change of dying from heart disease.  further... Holland's National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, for example researchers found that while long-term light alcohol intake in general could reduce risk of death from heart diseases by almost a third, wine had marginally better odds... increasing your life by 5 years..."

OK - so I would LOVE to know how heavy drinkers or even mid to higher drinker can die from ethanol yet the same stuff actually is good for you.

This doesn't correlate to anything else -
1.  a bit of sugar isn't that good for you and a lot of sugar is bad for you.
2.  a tiny bit of vegetables is good for you and a lot is really good for you
3.  a cigarette is bad for you and a packet is really bad for you
4.  a coke isn't great for you and 1.5 litres is really not good
5.  a piece of steak has iron and is considered good, a whole steak everyday is also good for you (although some say we don't need it - it certainly won't kill anyone)

So... why the hell are there "studies" by "really important smart people" that tell us :
A little bit of alcohol (2 glasses a day) is live extending and can save you from heart disease, yet 4-6 per day can actually kill you.

This makes no sense - so maybe someone can give me some parallels to this with other food products?

Even chocolate in small doses is considered good but in higher doses it still doesn't do much except make you a bit tubby. (unless you are a chihuahua then you shouldn't touch the stuff).

Confused xx

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

If I was still drinking

Change happens fast during the first year of being alcohol free and working through those changes whilst keeping yourself on track is tricky.

Now it's been a year and a month and there is no way my life would be like this if I hadn't stopped drinking.  I have been at the fire station for over two months and now have my fire number.  My uniform should be there when I do to training tomorrow night and I have been assigned to a watch (shift) and have a pager. 

I get up at all hours of the night, jump in the car drive up the road, change into my level 2's and in the truck in 1 min 30 sec from being dead asleep.  I am a rookie so sometimes I get into the wrong truck or get chucked off as it's a serious fire or serious car accident.  My training course is in late February so am training like mad.  Learning to fire-person lift a 90kg dummy, get very friendly with my breathing apparatus (so I don't want to rip it off) and condition myself to be hot and uncomfortable is not a place I would have imagined being in at age 50 in my wildest dreams.  We have to be first responders so that includes medical, also civil emergencies and motor vehicle accidents.

On my course I need to be able to enter a 300 degree Celsius room - in the dark and rescue dummies (hotter than cooking pizza). 

I said "I don't want to turn 50 like this" and didn't.  Out of that has come things that way exceed any expectations or imagination of what my life would be like.  I was drinking to zone out, to fade away, I wanted to die so badly.  My life was over in my mind and I have no doubt that I would of kept going that way until the kids left home (with no respect for an alcoholic mother), no further in my career and just treading water until eventually I was dead.  This isn't a morbid possibility, this would have become fact, no question in my mind.

Change doesn't happen automatically, fate will not sort out the good people from the bad and life isn't fair nor balanced.  Karma is a great concept but if we continue to wait for that to happen perhaps we may be on our death bed when we realise "hey, maybe there is no such thing as Karma".

I was so lonely, focused on being partner-less and frustrated with the world.  Now, surrounded by single firemen who actually ask me out!! and they are cute!  I am not interested.  Genuinely not interested.  Perhaps if I got to know one of them over a long period of time, maybe it may happen, but nothing is going to happen quickly anymore.  That is not responsible, to myself, to my family and to them.  So for the first time in my life I am a grown up, excited about things but no longer impulsive.

Thank you to this blog, giving me the support and courage to get here.  AA wasn't possible for me location etc, Smart recovery is in its infancy here and I really struggled to find support as my dr etc normalised my drinking as "everyone drinks so what's the big problem".
This blog saved me and for that I am eternally grateful.

Loads of love to everyone over Christmas
Michelle xxx

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Fucking Alcohol

Yup that's right - fucking alcohol.

We are all getting ready to spend some quality family time or just quality time at Christmas.  We have worked all year to have some time off and do some fun stuff.

We are so excited - yay ! Christmas break :)  Planning all the stuff we can do and the fun we can have - food plans, activity plans, co-ordinating friends and family plans... and of course Drinking Plans.

We pretend they are last on the list, but they are not - they are really first.  We can do without some of the cooking ingredients perhaps, and a friend or family member who can't make it, or an activity we have to change,  but we what if the bottle shop shut two days early and we didn't have our CHRISTMAS ALCOHOL?   Oh my - that would be a total disaster.

How fucked up is this?  Really fucked up I say.

Ethanol is used in toiletries, pharmaceuticals, and fuels, and it is used to sterilize hospital instruments.  It’s poison and its addictive. They can dress it up however they like its still the same rubbish.

The above ethanol info from Hurrah for Coffee and she is so right.

My 24 year old is staying for the week from university.  She received her law exam results the day she arrived and passed everything except the one she has been working so hard on.  Now she has to re-sit it and cried so much.  Did she drink? No not one drink.  I asked her why and she said because it would be for the wrong reasons. 

This made me (immensely proud) and also realise that I have been definitely drinking for the wrong reasons since I was 19.

M xxx

Friday, 17 November 2017


I know I have gone posting crazy these last days - but that is what's happening inside so out it comes!

This is a hard one to explain so will do my best to get it out simply. 

When I think of my divorce in 2012, it's only a year ago

When I think of not getting on with my daughter for some years, it's only a year ago

When I think of anxiety, depression and doubt that has been with me for decades, it's only a year ago.

I wonder how many of you experience this?  It has been 1 year and a week or so since giving up alcohol and it feels like I am only dealing with everything during the past year. 

It feels odd because the pain is not sharp (because of the distance of time isn't really a year) but my brain is convinced that this all happened exactly a year ago.

My year has been like this:

  • 1st 2 weeks, horrible physical symptoms, restless legs, itchy as hell all over my body, couldn't sleep, thirsty - so thirsty it was nuts.  Mentally I was angry and bored.
  • up to 3 months, crying and feeling sorry for myself, pretty angry and wanted to drink so looked as 1,000 ways to moderate drinking but never went for it
  • up to 6 months a strange calm that made me think it wasn't such a big deal
  • 6-7 months - almost had a drink by accident I was so surprised!  Lulled into a false sense of security I think
  • 8-10 months - pissed off that all my problems had not disappeared with the alcohol
  • 11-12 felt like "well I am almost at a year, can't believe I actually did it but I don't really want to be sober forever surely"
  • 1 year 1 day - had a few drinks and discovered the best lesson I had learned all year - I really do not like alcohol.  The high just doesn't weigh up to the horrible lonely feeling that I remembered so well and temporarily forgot.
What I understand now - I have to take responsibility for myself, not to think the world will be nice and things will work out.  Men will be nice to me and face-value is everything.  Not to blindly trust people and if things don't work out poor me.  It is 100% my responsibility to ensure that my life is lived the way I want it to be.  

I have tended to think that I do have to put up with behaviour that isn't great because that's life, well no it's not and no you don't - my 24 year old gets it - so why has it taken me so long?

Expectations are only useful for things within my control.  Goals are only useful if they are realistic.  I don't have to punish myself for not doing things I don't want to do (this one is very new and I am not convinced).  If I am bored, then it's my responsibility to do something about it.  I am not so special that "nobody gets me" - I am just another human.  If I want to be surrounded by love and support then I must find love and support, and be love and support.  

The poor me needs to be swept away.

There is no poor me - I am the product of me.  

M xx

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Bloody Honey-Mouse

Damn that dog - she is about 11 years old and has always hated me.

Honey-Mouse is my 11 year old son's dog and they are pretty much joined at the hip.  She doesn't like me and so, in turn and probably only because she doesn't like me, I don't like her.  Also he loves my ex-husband so she has awful taste.  But only sometimes, because she also loves my I am at an impasse.

Anyway, the stupid dog has started doing some odd things, if I am reading (rare as it is) she will hop up beside me, still with a bit of distance but all the same on the same seating arrangement.  She has also started sleeping in the sun in my room.  Yesterday she came to get me from downstairs for some reason and I don't know what.

It could be one of two things, I am nicer or she is senile.

I am going to go with the former.  Being sober, I don't shout anywhere near what I used to - in fact I can't remember when I last did shout.  My sarcastic caustic humour has been replaced with a more carefree wit (I like to think).  Perhaps I am nicer - I know the kids are saying it and my parents do too but coming from the dog I somehow trust it more. 

Michelle xxx

Saturday, 11 November 2017

The Truth

Well you can say I am day 3 or a year in - it doesn't matter to me.  What does matter is being honest here and talking about how we live our recovery.

I decided a year ago that when I reached a year I would go back to drinking - but for the right reasons.  During the year I changed my mind 100 times but the seed was planted.  So when I reached a year, on day 366 I opened a bottle of Pinot Noir and had a glass (hid it from my kids).

WRONG REASON ONE - having to hide

Then I thought, well that knocked me on my arse but after an hour I don't feel much.  So I had another glass

WRONG REASON TWO -  wanting to be knocked on my arse

I didn't really like the taste even though it was a good bottle it was a bit strong but I finished the glass

WRONG REASON THREE - drinking for the sake of it

Then I realised I was having my third and not really enjoying it - on my own.

WRONG REASON FOUR - drinking on my own

The taste in my mouth was horrible, the smell was making me feel off.  So I threw the rest out. I cleaned my teeth twice but it stayed with me - the taste, all night.  When I woke up I wasn't hungover from the two and half glasses but my face looked like crap - hasn't looked like that for a year.  Kind of ashen and eyes not so sparkly.  I am too vain for this shit.
I do not really like alcohol anymore, and I DEFINITELY do not drink for the "right" reasons if there are any.  There are, however "wrong" reasons for me, of which I have only listed four above.

[3rd party crazy warning!]: 
Michelle drinks because she wants to be wasted, she wants the buzz and when it comes, she needs another hit, she is sneaky because she knows it is wrong for her.  She has anxiety and makes bad decisions so it is perhaps worse for her than others. 

If I ever want to have a drink again, I am very clear on the reasons that will be right for me.  I subsequently have to face that I may never have those "right" reasons because I have lived the wrong reasons for too long.

This year has taught me:

I can no longer lie to myself - All of you out there have helped me so much: PDTG (6 months - congrats) Wendy and Anne  (years) GG  and Hurrah. Sober Pursuits, Mrs S, KS, Lia, Sober M,  Northw.    Lotta Dann and so many more - I am sure what unites us is what we learned from abstaining from alcohol for any lengthy period of time and that is:

We can no longer hide, we can no longer pretend. We know what the problem is and we sure as hell are no longer going to lie to ourselves.  The lies: "do I really drink too much?"  "do I really have a problem"  "others say I am fine so fuck it"  "why do I feel so shit? I don't get it" "it can't be the alcohol" "everyone else does it" "everyone drinks for the same reasons"  "Tammy (made up) drinks as much as me and she is fine" "the whole fucking world is doing it so who cares?".

I am going to go out on a dangerous limb here, I don't agree with the fatalist view that we are victims  of alcohol once we have managed to do some time sober.  If we get past the hump, we know, so then it becomes a life-choice.  It's like anything, we have to be strong, powerful, thoughtful of ourselves and others around us, we have to be responsible.  It is our choice now.  ****

We know now the truth.  I know.  So now it is my choice, do I want to drink for the wrong reasons?  
No I do not.

Love to you all -
Day whatever and not the point
Michelle xxxx

****I wanted to add that this whole post is somewhat narrow minded and doesn't consider the addiction element at all.  That said I wanted a strong post so that I remember what I must do for me.
In no way does this belittle the powerful force of addiction.  I am an addict.

Monday, 6 November 2017

OK So it's a Year - Warning Negative Post!

1 year today.

I am definitely not celebrating this.

I have been dreading it actually because it will be my excuse to say "ok now I can have a drink if I feel like it or not if I feel like it"

Any advice VERY appreciated.

Has my life gotten better? - well not exactly (I am more aware of my anxiety and depression)  BUT my relationships and my future is much better so yes in the long-term.  We have short memories when it suits us right?!!

My next goal is to conquer:  Moaning, Feeling sorry for myself, Melodramatic pain in the arse

I need some goal or time stamp so not to fall into the "cured" trap

M xxx

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Why do we apologise for NOT drinking?

Last night I was interviewed by the Fire Chief for a potential next-step "the acceptance into formal training"  for the Fire Service.  Still miles to go and I don't know the result of that interview yet as their are limited spaces.

The thing with being an at-home-secret-drinker as I was a year ago we become hermits.  For me anxiety and the outside world was all too much, together with boredom of the mundane.  Now I have no mundane and am socialising with a whole fire station of 45 plus people.

It's enough to want you to either drink or return to the shell which was my home for the past few years.  Everyone has problems, don't like you, do like you, like you too much, can't stand you at all - it's an emotional journey - so why can't I just do the training , and fight fires, rescue people etc?  Because life involves people and there is just no way around that.  I am a crap socialiser and especially so without alcohol.  If one more fucker tells me to relax I will punch them in the face.  This is me, i am relaxed in my own world, yes I have energy but hell we are all different.  I don't talk endlessly just get on with my stuff - but the norm is to sit in the corner and look at your phone in down-time.  I would rather read a book on training or do something that we have on the list.  Trying to "tone-down" to suit the norm is hard but I am giving it a bloody good go.  Boy all the reasons I drank are being thrown at me right now!

The real issue is the social club.  The station officers rabbit on about the structure and what our stages of training are but at the end it comes down to the bar and the bar tab.  When you aren't allowed a tab and when you are - it's a big deal.  Some of us don't drink but most drink like fish (off-duty) and in any discussions around it I say oh no thanks or I don't drink and get the "oh well you can be forgiven" and me apologising - damn it.

I have read a lot about everyone having friends and social situations that not drinking is like a disease however I have been lucky enough not to have to face that until now.  It sucks a bit but I am definitely luckly it isn't the 90's!   I would be quarantined or committed back then.

Michelle xx

Friday, 27 October 2017

Anxiety & its place in the dating world

I think we have massive dating or social anxiety for a good reason. 

I have found the older I get, the worse it is and why?!  For me the answer is now so obvious it's kind of ridiculous.

My dating life has been fraught with problems, my bad choices have let to much heartache and sadness.  Now when I get asked out, since separating from my husband, I have been anxious and had a few drinks, made some horrible decisions quickly followed by heartache and low self-worth.  I am not talking about being legless and having sex, I am talking about putting up with creepy and shitty behaviour and ying-yanging back and forth unable to make the decision to STOP before I get too involved.

This time round, my anxiety was unbearable, so after my movie date I told the guy (utterly good looking and full of compliments) I was scared and he would have to slow down to a crawl.  Well he didn't he put his foot on the gas and pushed, I broke it off and he said he would go slow, that lasted about 2 days and back he went with the intimate comments, sexual innuendos, but the worst was the constant texting - it did my head in.    That showed me pretty clearly that he couldn't control himself.  He said "You have no idea how much I like you" "I can't help it" etc   This after one date at the movies.  Then the "you have to answer my text just to let me know you have received it" What the hell?!!  I hate my phone.

The truth is he is arrogant, he is used to internet dating and the plethora of women in their late 30's and 40's who drink a bit too much wine and put up with guys like this, pushing them around and forgetting what they want.  I used to think that a guy crazy about you is a compliment - well it is if they know you.  If they don't know you then it is almost an insult, eg: "it's all about me!!! I want you.  I want you for ME!!!" "what have you got to do with it?"

Now I am sober, I am awake and watch the fuck out.  He is still reeling from the fact that I said no, astounded that his well polished pick up antics and lines didn't work.  I am utterly convinced that had I have been drinking I would absolutely have fallen for his, well.... crap.  Scarily transparent crap too.

I have realised one thing - I am no way as desperate as I thought.

Michelle xx


Thursday, 12 October 2017

Lesson 5 & Lesson 6

Hi everyone and anyone who stumbles across this post.

I haven't posted anything for ages and normally when that happens to one of my lovely fellow-bloggers it usually means two things:

1.  they are extremely happy and confident and WAY too busy (so fantastic)
2.  they have succumbed to the bottle and will be back because they are so brave to have got here in the first place.

I am not either of the two - I have been horribly depressed and struggling with the reality of my life now I don't have any way of hiding.  11 months sober and counting.

Then something happened.  I decided to join the Volunteer Fire Service.  I have tried so many things lately and this was the last ditch effort to make some fucking changes in my life.  I have been training for 3 weeks and was accepted by the Station Officer to take the medical and start formal training (long way to go still).

The day I arrived I was met by the recruiter and I thought he was pretty handsome.  Anyway about two weeks later he called me and asked me out.  I was completely stunned. That never happens to me ever hence I have been on  my own for the past 4-5 years since breaking up with my husband.

Sharing this is important because I have another reached another lesson. 
I think this is Lesson 5

Why we don't embark on a new relationship within the first year of our sobriety.

When I stopped drinking in November last year I found it so bloody hard, boredom, what the hell to do with myself, etc.  Then that passed after about 3-4 months then wanted to drink to not have to deal with ME.  Then that passed.  Then I had a few months of reprieve and then I got depressed at around 9 months and sort of wanted to drink but not really.

THEN I met this guy and he asked me to the movies.  The night I was getting ready, I REALLY REALLY REALLY BADLY DESPERATELY wanted a drink.  A shot of whisky, a glass of wine any damn thing - just couldn't calm down.  Tried to meditate, tried to breathe, tried to walk, tried some exercise .  Very anxious and nothing was working - so I dealt with it and went on the date, which was good and he is nice.

the next day - more anxiety as he wanted to meet again and etc.
At my age and his, we have a bit of baggage - ex's, kids, work stuff many many things.  Navigating through the first part without rushing into bed (which will totally not be a good idea for me) and being smart about it is much better without alcohol.

firstly he doesn't really drink and because I don't - he won't either.  I would NEVER have gone out with a non-drinking guy ever.

secondly I am not making drunk impaired decisions, I am weighing stuff up much more logically and sensibly.

thirdly, I am protecting myself better.

Sadly - lastly, I am dealing with the most excruciating anxiety and this is proving tough.

If I tried to date any earlier that this (almost a year) I am very sure I would be back drinking.

Lesson 6

For me, it is anxiety that caused my drinking.  It is very very clear now.

Love to everyone

PS every google search on "how to stop the nerves getting ready for a first or second date" suggest alcohol.  How fucking crazy is that?

It is impossible to date a loser sober - they would annoy you so badly.  Why didn't I do this years ago.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

What's really going on? The Sneaky Gap.

I ask this because I really don't know.

It feels as though there are changes happening yet again. Like another wave of crap to deal with.
I have been asking myself OK so why now?  Why all the 'dealing with stuff" now?   Why not 5 years ago when I wasn't drinking so much - why now?

My daughter said on the phone the other day "this happened ....... and that was before you were drinking so much so it couldn't be the drinking"

This is something we all deal with, trying to work out when the drinking was the worst and the symptoms and behaviour were obvious.  Then the behaviour before that or inbetween which I think is the sneaky gap.

The sneaky gap of when we can't really blame anything for alcohol but the behaviour was still there.

I hope this makes sense.

Anyway I do believe that although alcohol is universally bad (I mean it is ethanol so we can all agree it's not exactly a health product) however there are some of us that have anxiety, stress, depression, head in the sand, whatever, that are more predisposed to alcohol related problems from the get go.

So when we (or me) go back and try to figure out when it all started - we come across the sneaky gap. The time when alcohol wasn't the most prominent in our lives, so how can we pin-point what the hell is/was going on.  Then when loved ones say "hey you didn't have a problem in 20__" or "19__" we think....ummm so maybe it's not alcohol after all.  This being the failure of many of us sober rabbits - we go back to drinking.  It makes sense right?

So maybe it's not the amount of alcohol making this behaviour - but alcohol, in any measure, sure as shit makes whatever it is SO MUCH WORSE.

So - I think I am answering my own question (love this blog) - perhaps I am unpacking heaps of crap right now, but I think in the past when things got tough i would have a drink, so things just never got dealt with.  They just sat in the background.

Maybe back then I wasn't pouring a bottle of whisky down my throat, it may have been a wine or 3 but something IN alcohol (like any drug) has it's own myriad of side effects, for the most part, are unpublished.  Nobody wants to know.  There are the liver disease etc but that is when you are almost dead - any clinical studies done are not widely published because they would compete with the wineries and the supermarkets etc etc.  Dr's all drink (ok a complete generalisation) so they don't want to go there - they have spent their life being rich enough to have the best wines so nobody is going to pour water on that thanks.

What happens to our brain function, processing of information, making good decisions - long after the effects have worn off?  Perhaps some of us are hit worse than others.

What else could account for me giving up alcohol not just physically - but mentally too - and having to face all of this?  It can't be a coincidence.

So keen to hear what anyone else thinks on this.

Friday, 4 August 2017

Treating Sobriety with Respect

This was a great realisation for me.  All precious things need to be nurtured and treated well - when I was drinking, nothing was really ever given the respect that it deserved.

I think that was because when your brain is such a muddle it is very difficult to sort through what matters and what doesn't.  It is all just a big fog and our decision making abilities are marginal.

It wasn't until I stopped that things slowly started to fall into place, especially relationships and making sounder decisions.  It wasn't a conscious process, it just started to happen due to perhaps my prospective being completely different.

I had no idea it was as bad as it was until I could look back on the "then" and "now".  I still can't really remember the last two years in clarity up to when I stopped drinking in November.  It's still foggy and I don't push it.

Many bloggers have said over and over that we need to treat our sobriety with respect (  This is a difficult concept to embrace mentally - well it was for me.  I didn't understand the concept of how to do that and it wasn't until about 7 months in that I "felt" what needed to happen.

Like all relationships, the one between ourselves and our well-being (physical and mental health) requires work.  Whether it be the gym, our diet or whatever we do have to stop ourselves being excessive in the wrong areas.

It is a natural progression I feel, that given the availability of alcohol and the message of how good it is for us as a stress reliever, our human condition will push the envelope.  We will start to use it incorrectly more often than not.

There is no median.  There is not "diet".  There is not warnings:  "if you don't excercise and eat too much you will become overweight" "if you start to feel depressed you need to see a Dr or a counsellor"   With alcohol no body want to talk about it so it isn't until you have 7 DYI's and are on a park bench and then it's like "hey better get that person out of society - yuck... let's kick them into that weird program AA for all the losers who can't control themselves".

So it's up to us.  We have to look after ourselves.  We have to treat our sobriety with the respect and care it deserves.  We have to stop thinking of them and us and we aren't part of a club anymore, and concentrate on how we are taking an incredible leap of faith into the future.

One day everyone will know this and we will look like the pioneers of physical and mental health.

Loads of love and respect to you all

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Maynard from Tool knew .. It's a Herd Mentality

Just like Finding a Sober Miracle I am reblogging this wonderful post:

This is an amazing post and thanks so much for sharing it :)
It is like this giant "unspoken" in many rooms - why the hell should we be ashamed by:
1. getting conned into thinking drinking is cool (and a sensible, normal stress reliever)
2.  naturally getting addicted - because it is addictive!
3.  going it alone trying to get off the stuff - looked at by others as a fuckup because, as you say, we can't drink "normally"
This has now made me super fucking furious!
More so, how many others are going to follow this amazing artist Nelsan Ellis' footsteps?  So many, ... too many.
Michelle xx

PS I can't mention being sober to my mum and dad anymore as they now think the whole thing was really just a silly mistake that I made.  Eventually I will get over it and get on with "normal" drinking again.

PPS  Some of my friends that I have told that I drank too much and have now given up, if I ever mention it again in passing like "I took drinking far and have stopped" they almost hurry me through the sentence, lots of nodding "mmm mmmm yes".  Like I am some kind of either sober advocate, or that the whole situation is yucky and they have boxed it in the embarrassing carton. Or maybe they think I am some Martyr but either way they are visibly uncomfortable.

PPPS Sometimes if I am out and get offered a drink and say I no longer drink as I found it addictive people actually look like they have stepped in dog poo :)  I walk away feeling humiliated and vow never to mention it to anyone again.

How dare people make you feel like you should be ashamed or that you don't have the ability to "drink normally" so you are a "them" and not an "us"?  They dare because of the conditioning that alcohol is a normal part of a human beings diet.  Just like vegetables.  We are sheep to the lies of alcohol propaganda.

This ignorance and total con just proves Maynard from Tool's sheep noises to the audience in one of my cd's with Sober on it (the Opiate EP?).  Was he perhaps referring to this issue.....

M xx

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Total Fucking Rubbish - The One-Sided Alcohol Stories

Anything that makes Heather Locklear look bad can't be good
I really wanted to write this because so many of the lovely bloggers out there that talk about the media and normalising, romanticising etc alcohol use.  How it is terrible, how it is annoying, how grating and frustrating hearing about "drinking will solve problems and add to your fun in life"

I didn't really get it at 3 months sober.  I secretly wondered why sober people would be annoyed by it if they were SOOO happy not to be drinking.  How could it irritate unless they secretly wanted to drink - ha! that was it they deep down love drinking and miss it so are being petty about media.

How wrong could I have been!!!  Now 260 odd days in I really get it.  Ellen D, who I love, swigging wine and tequila on her show, Facebook, TV, radio, stores ....

The impact it has on us is enormous.  The lies and deception is dangerous and makes us feel like we are isolated and a staunch group of sober weirdos.

I wrote this comment today to Lia on an earlier (1 month in) post :

"I just re-read this, I was so angry and annoyed - thought what is the point if I can't have 'fun".
Well it definitely gets so much better and in so many ways.  

It is difficult when society normalises drinking and you feel like you are out of the club.  I woke up to the radio this morning before getting the kids off to school and they were talking about their weekend.  Heaps of drinking and drinking and more drinking & how much fun they had.  That is only half of the story though, what about what likely happened: massive fight with wife/husband, slept on couch, or left at pub because had a fight with best friend.  Spent all day Sunday throwing up convincing myself it was worth it. More angry family.  Looked at my phone and realised what I have arranged for the next week which will have to be cancelled and I will look like a flake etc etc

This isn't shared.  This isn't romantic.  This isn't comedy. This isn't good radio.
One-sided alcohol stories is all over the media, facebook in the supermarket.
Total rubbish"

What if the other side was immortalised instead - it would go a bit like this:

"Had my period so felt a bit sore and gross but didn't want to miss out.  Some of me didn't want to go as I get self-conscious so drank half a bottle of old wine from the fridge because that was all that was left.  Drove to the bar, was a bit worried because hadn't eaten but it was early so should be sweet.  Got there and everyone was having drinks and felt a bit ugly so ordered shots for everyone (even though i know I am saving) and felt much better.

'Ange' was drunk and her lipstick was up the side of her mouth, had some wine on her shirt but at the end of "dinner" everyone looked really lovely - including me.  I better drink more so I can stay longer without getting bored.  Two of my friends got into a important argument about whether you should or shouldn't read a Steven King book and ending up calling each other names - everyone laughed.  Damn now i definitely need a taxi but their aren't any so will go and stay at someone's house I don't know too well.

Woke up at 7 am felt dry, guilty for not being home with the kids.  I have to find my car and get home somehow but everyone is asleep.  Called for someone to get me, embarrassed because I look horrible.  Got home and threw up, grumpy and my partner hates me because I rang drunk about not coming home then hung up on him but HEY it was SO much FUN last night!!!!"

But that would be like posting an ugly selfie, like telling the truth when someone asks how you are.  It doesn't make a good story.  So nobody publicly advertises this story, the other one is better.

I never want to do that again.  I miss out on nothing by staying in or going out and not drinking.  I gain everything.

Michelle xx

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Well I Turned 50... and It Wasn't Like This.

All I can say is I am utterly thankful.  Thankful that I turned 50 sober, that I made up my mind back in November last year that I didn't want to turn 50 like this and I didn't.

I have been in a bit of a hole since about 26th June, I was waiting for a few days to pass and it would lift.  It didn't and I got really worried.  I caught a cold and yesterday it lifted, just like that.  The day after my birthday - it was probably just a simple cold incubating and affecting my mood.

My kids made my birthday so amazing, they were super excited (even though I was minus 1,000 not) - they made me the most beautiful presents - my daughter made a pack of cards with 26 things she loves about me, each one printed and such thoughtful real-life examples of things I do.  I am so lucky I can't believe it, even though the day felt like I had lead gumboots on, it turned out just wonderful.  One of the things she wrote at 12 was "I love how mummy gave up alcohol to make our lives and hers better"    Wow :)

My son and daughter putting her in the sink
Anyway, what do you do when you are at home school holidays and turning 50?  You google how to fix your sick chicken and they say "they love water" so...

In the sink she goes.

She loves it

Then of you google what to do next - ....
I know but she liked it
They need to be completely dried, with a blow dryer.

Happy Chicken!
So there, what to do on your birthday, give your chicken a make-over.

Michelle xxx

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Getting High

Lets face it - that's the truth, we just want to get high.

A massive fuss is made over humans taking drugs - but not alcohol.  The law states that in most countries drugs are illegal - but not alcohol.

When you take opioids you become euphoric and happy, when you smoke weed you chill out and reinvent the world, on hallucinogens you explore far corners of the mind.  On alcohol there there is a mixture of weed and opiate things going on.  but irrespective of the exact state of mind these drugs pass onto us humans, the bottom line is we do it to get high.  Call it relaxed, but it is a forced unconscious transaction between drug and human - the substance forces the human mind to artificially change.

It blows my mind how there is such a differentiation between drugs and alcohol in society that people actually believe there to be a difference.

That's marketing for you.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017


It is very difficult to write about this one.

I have had many lessons since giving up alcohol, it is only now that I feel perhaps I understand this one.  I think it is Lesson # 5 but can't remember without looking back over my blog.

I know I started drinking because I was lonely.  It was a combination of boredom and the mundane - but the key element was loneliness.  My marriage of 15 years didn't work and we separated and then divorced.  The got back together and re-married.  That didn't work and now we have been seperated for 4 years though he won't sign the divorce papers and it doesn't really matter anyway.  I no longer feel like a failure about my marriage but I wish I made better decisions like I did with my money and my kids so my future was romantically secure.

L and I are as good a friends as can be, he is a celebrity and sweeps in and out to see the kids.  It's never overnight and just a few hours here and there - he loves them, and I just work things out around when he is available.  He calls all the time.

I have a couple of girlfriends and we walk along the beach, or take the dogs out.  My kids have some good friends and they come over.  I work with people and have two good jobs.  I spend too much money but do not struggle.  Am close with my parents who ring or I call most days.  My oldest daughter away at uni and we are very close - we speak if not each day then every other day.

Why don't I just feel lucky all of the time?  Well I guess because that isn't natural, I am learning that it is ok to feel not wonderful ALL of the time (thanks Wendy xx) but I do wish the periods of yuck didn't take this familiar pattern:

1.  start to feel a bit "not so good"
2.  after about 3 days, despair that it is going on too long
3.  start to google other people's lives and compare my life (ridiculous and then I know my spiral is starting)
4.  try to stop the downward spiral and get anxious and depressed
5.  EVERYTHING feels like shit (this is about day 10)  I feel alone. why don't I have a husband who loves me, I am 49 (50 next week in this case, next year in previous cases, next month... it doesn't matter) but the rest of my life is looking like a desolate wasteland of spinsterhood and no cuddles

I hate this cycle.  I try to occupy the first three steps by distraction, walking, mindfulness, cognitive behavioural crap.. but inevitably I sink into a state where I don't want to go to work, I don't want to walk the dog who is hanging around my ankles as I write, outside I can hear my chickens calling me to let them into their day run and the rabbit will be hungry.  The kids have gone off to school - last night I started to snap at the poor dears. God.

It is the kids and the pets which force me to keep going - but it feels like a weight is attached to my waist and everything is hard.

Finally the fleeting thoughts of drinking pop in and I think - that will solve the immediate problem.  It won't, it doesn't, it makes it so much worse.  So I am having to face this sober.

The difference between when I was drinking and now is that instead of it feeling like one big moulded disaster, I can see a definition in days, patterns and behavioural side of this.  I do know that to be a good thing, but it isn't really helping today.

Michelle xx

Saturday, 1 July 2017

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly...

I know that I get much pleasure from the small things, especially looking at the fire or feeling the texture of our wallpaper at home that I chose and put up (OK I don't walk around feeling it, just touch it if I am looking out the window or something - I can't dress this up can I? it just sounds bonkers). Buying bits of furniture and fixing them up, polishing my brass animal collection and many other mundane things.

Just as a side note and before you think someone will find me eaten by my own dogs :)  I can be practical: I built this house with my ex-husband but he left half-way through so I learned to frame, put in nogs, plaster board, put down undertile heating, put in old floor boards and so much stuff I really could have easily gone my whole life happily never doing.  I know how to use every power tool on the market and was scared of the Skill-saw (Circular Saw) for about 3 years but have been forced to add that to the list of tools I have mastered.  Angle grinders cut tiles as well as roofing iron, the router is a shit to get right, I have no table saw so learned to use a level and clamps to get a perfect straight edge.

There are still many things that need finishing, but the best thing about all of this is I can choose which area of the "house decorating" or "house building" I want to do next.  Having a couple of projects on the go at once lets me decide if I don't feel like sanding the dumb deck.  It also stops me from getting overwhelmed - lots of lists with many things on it so the smallest of stuff gets crossed off.

What I am trying to say is:  1.  all of us can do absolutely anything in life if we want, have to, need to, etc.  I get so many people say to me they could never do it - but they absolutely could.    and 2. It may make me sound slight less crazy about the next bit :)
All Alone

There are many silly things I collect (it's not junk if it looks nice) some of which are downright ugly.  I love china ducks but I am telling you I have looked for years in NZ for a set and this guy is the best I can find.  I really want three so bad!

For everyone who has a beautiful beige, black or white
interior home with lots of glass - you will hate this :)

Plates - 

The Good
Hiding in the pantry shelf

The Bad
The Ugly
So you must be DYING to know how to hang them! right? No way am I hanging the wombat......well, maybe one day.

Paperclip + Hot Glue

The Result!
PS I put the shelves in using Mahogany decking and the cupboard is on old smashed cabinet which I sawed in half with the circular saw as the cupboard on the end was still intact - then hung it on the wall.

M xx

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

We can't feel good all the time.

But I want to!  Why not!  It's not FAIR.

What a baby.  That's what I have been like since a teenager, always wanting to feel good and wondering what is wrong with me when I don't have a good day everyday.

I don't know how I made it to almost 50 without anyone telling me (more like me not listening) that people don't have good days everyday.

Maybe they do, but it certainly isn't what the average person experiences with kids to worry about, bills to pay, work commitments.  That is where drinking came in to help.  Now it is gone so my ears have opened.  I am listening & there is so much noise.

Un Tipsy (Wendy) said it in a few of her posts, about good and bad periods and it helped me to understand to let it ride - it will pass.  It is what it is and we have to just breath through it really.  I really hang onto this when times feel rough like the last couple of days.

The simple truth is, there are too many factors that influence how good my week can be - no matter how I try to protect myself.
  • A teacher at one of my children's school may need to talk with me, it might not go well
  • My sweet darlings might miss the bus and I have to drive through rush hour to school and back then am late for work - then my boss may be cross
  • a parent at one of my children's sports events might say something rude
  • I may genuinely forget to pay something and get a lecture or a rude phone message
  • I have to cook EVERY night and do the washing EVERY day - I may not feel like it
  • The car needs gas - I may not feel like getting it
  • The dog needs a walk - I'm too tired or it's too cold
  • There has to be FOOD IN THE HOUSE!!! grr  shit - it costs money, I have to trudge around with a trolley and buy it, then carry it into the car then into the house - we just eat it, I could have bought a dress (I know)
  • the kids might not be as helpful with the jobs then I get cross 
There are a bloody million reasons why I just can't shield yourself from "stuff" at the moment.

Then if I was retired with no kids at home - who am I kidding, there will always be outside influences that come into the "home" or your "safe place" which are going to affect your sense of well-being.
Even if you had the choice to lock yourself in a vault, that would have much more devastating consequences like the lack of good influences ...

Today I decided after working the morning, I would pop into some 2nd hand shops and look for some fun things to buy - I met an old work mate who told me about what is happening at my old job, how all his relatives are, this and that.  Afterwards I felt like my space was ruined.  That my relaxed fun stroll around was finished.  I have never noticed that before, I never noticed how outside things affect me and how I deal with it.... it was SO weird.

Then I decided to grow up and go home and make the best of the two items I purchased for my kids (disclaimer: my kids love things like this):

This was a medium/large silver box (about the size of your fist) which was black with dirt & was $4 (about 1 pound 50p or US$2.50).

I cleaned it for ages then lined it with olive green velvet and it will be perfect for my daughters little bits she loves.

This was .50c and is a tiny box with a dog-lion on the front (you can't really see it in the photo) and he's nuts about dogs.

I lined it with red velvet as my son has a couple of treasures which will fit perfectly in there. (fossilized dinosaur pooh etc)

Until I learn how to deal with my shit, I have decided to make something productive out of each time I feel stressed / anxious about outside influences.  Right off to clean the bloody shed!

Michelle xx

Friday, 23 June 2017

Substitution - it's complicated


I was hoping for some help on a really interesting subject that I haven't read much about.

Please have a look at Lia's post:

Brave Lia is a couple of weeks (about 2) into going without alcohol and would love to hear some experienced (and not) views on when we feel we are substituting and when we are not.

Michelle xx

Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Move Over Squirrels

OK.  It's not often I am lost for words however over the last couple of weeks a certain topic is really making me sound like an incoherent idiot.

Usually I can explain myself pretty well (even if it takes a while) or can bluff my way into making reasonable sense when in a physical discussion but this past week or so trying to explain what I am feeling isn't going so well.  So I am reaching out for some suggestions - anything you've got.... otherwise I am going to continue looking like I need a wrist tag and a white van to pick me up when I meet a friend at the supermarket.

The subject is alcohol.  This is what I am trying to say in points (so jumbled you can see why I can't get it together).

  • I think alcohol is really bad for everyone
  • Why? When there are some perfectly happy, well-balanced people who drink...
  • So maybe alcohol is bad for those with mental disorders, like anxiety, depression, or other things
  • Does alcohol create these things to get worse or is that age and then we drink to fix it
  • Why am I suddenly growing up emotionally for the first time ever? When I have had many periods in my life when alcohol wasn't a problem.  Why it because I hit my personal "bottom"
  • I never wanted to be one of those people who think alcohol is bad - but it is really coming on thick and strong.  When I up smoking years ago I never disliked people's choice to smoke (I smoke one a day now with my smug morning coffee)
  • I wanted to be one of those cool people who say "hey I don't drink but it's cool if others do" when, if I am to be REALLY honest, I think there is something really wrong with alcohol, the way it is sold, the light-ness of it's dangers, public perception...
  • I am sounding like a ranting loony but something is going on and I don't know what
  • There are SO many changes happening to my mind and "soul" that I am struggling to keep up
  • Are there people out there that only drink a little on week ends (just a bit) but somehow their whole week is revolving around just that tiny dangling carrot - how bad it that?  Perhaps it's a good thing to have something to look forward to if they are (not like me) a sensible drinker.
  • Is there such a thing?
So there you have it, it is a rambling mess in my head right now.  When someone asks how I am, I usually like to say my honest feelings in two sentences of what is happening for me right now.  So you see where this is going .....

I am in line with the squirrels....

I wanted to add this link I just read from Finding A Sober Miracle: (16.6.17)

Saturday, 10 June 2017


Nothing against Katy Perry but this is my painting shirt
I am going through a "fascination" with all the things I am doing since giving up alcohol.  So apologies in advance if I bore everyone.

Reading about simple things like making the bed and fixing our Tupperware, writing about the dog and the doors... it is all so inspiring for me.

I've said before I am an accountant, I am also a zookeeper but it doesn't pay the bills.  I want to do things that make me happy - accounting doesn't - so why am I doing it?

I have another job looking after some lovely old ladies a few hours a week.  It feels good to do it, their stories are so interesting and although I still do accounting the mix is really nice.

I hate my dyed blonde hair.  The mouse-brown that I naturally have makes me look angry.  I always wanted ginger/red hair but it is a hard colour to achieve and subsequently then maintain.  Well I have done it and would never have bothered when I was drinking.  The interesting thing is many people have commented and said nice things.  Someone I hardly know came up to me and said "what have you done to your hair - I much prefer it blonde"  no hello, nothing... like it is their hair.  In the past I would have been upset and got angry inside and eventually gone back to blonde.  Now I think - stuff you - stick it up your bum.

Equally I don't care if anyone likes it either..... weird.

M xx

Monday, 5 June 2017

The Simplest of Things

The Dog
Isn't it damn crazy why the simplest of things take us the longest to do.

The damn dog and the damn doors - all year, the 3-legged dog opens the doors, all year I go behind him and close the doors.

In winter it is cold with the doors open right? But he doesn't care, he doesn't feel the cold like humans do, so each time I curse at him "shut the damn doors" and "Tux, stop leaving the doors open"
What an idiot I am.

He hears "blah blah blah doors" (maybe he recognises doors now) and "Tux, blah blah blah doors blah".  It is like a bad Far Side comic with the idiotic human trying to convey to the intelligent dog that they are cold and want the doors shut.... What?

The Latch

So yesterday after ages of this going on (years if you count the dog before him) I finally fixed it for under $20.

"Ohhh What?"

 This was drinking for me - I have a hangover, I feel like crap, I am ruining my life, I am ruining my children's life.  What am I going to do?  Stop.  Simple.


The Result

Saturday, 3 June 2017


I don't think I have every many posts about others, except kind people or inspiring people.
Mostly about my struggles and happy bits throughout this journey.

But I wanted today - and I don't know why - to put it down, put it out there something that I pinched from Mary Kay's Facebook.  Now i don't have Facebook but there was a link on her great blog God Walked into this Bar and I saw this caption "Don't make excuses for nasty people. You can't put a flower in an asshole and call it a vase."

I am constantly doing that, looking at what I have done wrong to perhaps insight a nasty reaction (this doesn't happen much anymore because I made some decisions early on in my journey to detach myself from stressful people - whether their fault or mine it wasn't important).  However there are some people that you can't detach yourself from and that is life.  However in life I am now learning so much since not drinking; how to protect myself better, grow up emotionally, create safe boundaries, be a better more open person, be HONEST.

That doesn't excuse others though, and you just can't keep making excuses or excusing the odd nasty one out there - it isn't you ..... it is them.  It is their journey.  It is their life.  If they want to put a flower in their bum - they can, but I will not.
Chicken house

Love to everyone
Michelle xx

Added some photos of the chicken house the kids and I are building :)


Thursday, 1 June 2017

Box of Birds

Well it isn't always this way but last night I slept all night long!  I do that more and more since stopping drinking but it is always so much fun waking up knowing that my eyes haven't opened since around 11 pm the night before.

Anxiety can wake me at 3 am but sometimes (just sometimes) I get the whole night long - and it is so amazing.  I never would have thought something so small can be so joyous.

It is summer everywhere else (here in NZ it is winter starting) and I can imagine everyone is out and about doing Spring things as it is a bit quiet out there.  Our chickens have stopped laying as the daylight doesn't seem to be enough for them and am seriously thinking about a morning light bulb for them, but knowing me it will mean angry chickens and a fire :)

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to spring and winter wherever you are x
M xxx

PS a shout out to Mrs S too, I still think of your BBC interview and wonder how you are doing.

PPS - Jackie  What a great comment on my post :

"I remember all those times that i thought to myself...

1. At least I didn't do X
2. At least I'm not as bad as Y
3. At least I didn't drink as much as Z....

The problem with the "at least's" is that they continuously re-set and downgrade..."

Good one Jackie  How do we forget our A, B, C's yet know our X,Y, Z's - it is like we have to go back to the beginning, Michelle xx

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Mrs D is Going Within

Congratulations and thank you to Mrs D Going Without - Lotta Dann.

A courageous woman who was the start of my decision to finally take the first step.

Thank you Lotta and wonderful news that your second book is finally published and ready for us all to read.  (links on good places to purchase the book on the above link)

Michelle xxx

Sunday, 14 May 2017


I have lost the connection to PDTG - are you there?
It could be my settings so just checking if anyone else can make contact :)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

I HONESTLY thought I was high-functioning and doing well

Looking back over the past two years is eye-opening now.  I, hand on heart, thought I was doing well - drinking too much but still being a good mum, working, studying and getting my house finished.

When I look back over the past 6 months sober it is as plain as the nose on my face how little I achieved.  The sneaky curtain of alcohol is so very dangerous, everyone is doing it so how on earth did my life stop going forward and start to rotate in a rat-wheel like existence?

Since I have stopped drinking:

1.  My relationship with my elder daughter (23) is repaired and her trust is coming back
2.  My son (11) is getting A's and B's at intermediate ( he was barely a D prior to December)
3.  My daughter (12) well she is like a steam ship and it's harder to gauge the affect my drinking had on her, but she keeps saying "mum you are doing so good not drinking" so it must have been bad.
4.  I finished my kitchen
5.  I have started to do the rest of the house
6.  I changed jobs choosing a boss and work colleagues that suit ME also and not just the other way around.
7.  I understand my terrible reaction to stress and protect myself better 

Many other things also, but when you look at these things (and it comes up on a daily basis) you can't help but in-your-face realise the massive difference.

I could have kept going, I didn't have cirrhosis, I wasn't homeless, I wasn't drinking in the morning, I didn't get arrested, lose my licence or have friends telling me to stop.  I thought my life was good except the drinking (night sweats, guilt, hangovers)  I thought the anger was just part of being a hands-on mum.

Today in a posh food shop I like to go to a young guy was doing wine tasting, he asked if I would like to try some.  I said (not even smugly) no thanks I don't drink, I used to drink too much.  He gave me a look - a real look, like I'm missing out and said "there is no such thing as too much".  I said "there is when you are an alcoholic".   He was so ashamed - I felt bad.  But there it is right?  People can say hey the drinking club is the best in the world - pedaling ethanol is legal.  Imagine if it was cocaine?

I have found drinking to be the root of all my bad prescription meds behaviour.  I don't have the trouble I had before because my mind is back and it doesn't allow me to make dumb decisions on top of already dumb decisions.

I watch forensic or crime stories sometimes and always when there is drugs involved there seems to be alcohol at the beginning of the night.  Lately some key sports figures have been caught buying drugs overseas - they were so drunk they barely remember doing it.

Alcohol is a crazy scary beast.

M xxxx

Friday, 5 May 2017

6 Months Tomorrow

My neighbour just gave me this :)

Very touched to have caring people around me, she said I can have a box of chocolates when I get to a year.  It's funny how people understand a lot more than perhaps we imagine ...

Michelle x

Saturday, 29 April 2017

Half-Way to 1 Year (Almost) .... Advice Appreciated XX

Hi everyone,

172 days so almost half-way to a year and was hoping to read a bit of advice from those who made it to and past this point (or didn't and are still trying xx).

I noticed the last few weeks (it has stopped for now) that I was pretty close to thinking I could have a drink or two again.  Really very almost did it too - which is the closest I have been since giving up.

The scary thing is that in the beginning of this journey, I was fighting the urge to drink but I would consider that time as more of a violent reaction, this latest feeling so was passive and "normal" that it scares me WAY more.

I almost "rationally" and "calmly" had a drink.   WTF??

Very glad I didn't but how did I get so close?

M xx

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Mental Illness

It's really hard just to write that down.  Mental Illness.  

But that is what I have and the realisation over the past couple of days feels like a start to something that is going to help my life change.

I can see now that this is why I was drinking.  It is strange that I thought over the past 5 months that it was because I was shy, or sad, or bored, or angry or lonely.... the list goes on. Guilt, bad choices....

It was none of these things (but was all of them).  For whatever reasons my life took the pathways that it did, I have to now STOP the cycle of blame, guilt and shame.  It led to loneliness (not being alone) it lead to bouts of depression, fear and so many other horrible things.  Then drinking and abusing medication.

Many other people feel like me and don't say.  Social media (I don't have any apart from this) but looking up unrealistic truths about people I don't know isn't healthy and I know it.  But an ill mind THINKS the things we make up in our heads are true.  The ill mind isn't subjective - and it doesn't look after and protect you.  It undermines and disables.

Looking after my mind and getting it well is my priority each day now.  I am very grateful that I have still not had a drink (it's bloody amazing - and I still can't really believe it) I am grateful because now I have more days under my belt, more shit thrown at me and forceably sober so I can properly work out what the hell is wrong with me.

So now I know.  I really know and I can start to fix it, because if I can stop drinking I can do anything.

I read alot about the Heads Together campaign and watched Lady Gaga talk to P William about her mental illness stemmed from when she broke her hip ligaments and still performed.  Now each day is a struggle, she wakes up and the minute her eyes open she is sad and tired - doesn't want to get out of bed.  She says she looks around her and is so lucky which makes her feel worse.  Sharing and talking is the only way forward so she shared.

Many of us know what it is like to wake up and feel like this.  I have been going to bed scared before I even go to sleep about "please feel happy tomorrow" "please don't feel down".  Anxiety about this doesn't help.  I don't want to talk about it too much as it is "depressing" or embarrassing. 

I am determined to help my mind and my body - giving up alcohol is only a part of this journey which I honestly thought was the whole thing. This blog.... but it is not.    Alcohol is just a terribly bad coping mechanism like the fuel on a fire scenario that we all talk about.  

It is OK not to feel OK - even if it's for a LONG period of time until we figure it out.  If you are feeling bad - please talk about it, you aren't a moaning pain, you aren't a depressing sad-sack, you ARE NOT a downer.  You are a real person feeling bad and it may come and go or it may last for ages but talking about it is a great start to finding a way through.

Saturday, 22 April 2017


It doesn't feel great this week.  I have plummeted into a downward spiral and can see what is happening only today after taking a breath.

Last week my 23 year old lovely daughter visited having a break from university.  I was so excited and so were the kids, on the phone she was too and we were chatting the past few months like the old days.  When I picked her up at the airport she was a bit cold but that was OK and over the next few days it seemed she was picking up everything I was saying and making it sound pretty bad.  I have actively campaigned against racism and animal cruelty, especially in my younger years however everything she was saying made me feel like a great big bigot and an old-fashioned mind-made-up arse.

After about 4 days I said to her that I felt this and we got into a big fight and she said that she was anxious about coming and no longer trusted me.  This was a massive blow and was really upset.  I was the only worker in our family and raising 3 kids, buying a house & renovating a house working 16 hour days - I know she could have had it easier.  I wasn't drinking then, that only started 2 years ago when she went away.  She is still angry that I kept going back to the kid's dad - I understand that.

We talked about it the next day and got on much better then she flew home.

All I have wanted to do since she left was drink.  I have looked up moderation drinking on about 7 websites and even started to plan buying some wine.  In know this is the result of a problem.
I think the problem is rejection.  Not coping with feeling rejected by my beloved daughter is my worst fear and am utterly feeling sorry for myself and trying to stay afloat.  I am aware that although i have had so much rejection from men in my life - this is primarily because I chose unobtainable, non-committing males and was MY choice.  Rejection though, has been a big part of my life.  I know my daughter loves me but doesn't need me and this feels very painful. What a sad sack!!! It is probably healthy that she doesn't - what the hell is wrong with me!

I am taking the kids out to the beach (getting wintery now) and the dog.  Going through my lists of what to do like I did during week one.

This totally sucks.  I am so sad and feel like I would rather die than live like this.   There has to be a fucking cure and off the "rat wheel" inside my head that I am a rejected failure.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Smart Recovery

Hi Everyone

Winter is coming here (and summer for many out there)  Both seasons are a time to drink when the habit overtakes the enjoyment.

I wanted to post this as it is a great article that I read a while ago.

Sometimes we don't have to hit rock bottom to know we have a problem :)

Michelle xx